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Frequently Asked Questions

Does cleaning of teeth create gaps between the teeth?
No. The tartar which is present between the teeth gives the false feeling of filled gaps. But when the dentist removes the tartar or deposits, patient feels that gap has been created. But dentist has actually removed the tartar not any tooth structure. So, feeling which patient experiences is pseudo.
Why is your fees so high, doc?
It is a tough question to answer.

” In our practice, we are proud to provide the best dental care that we possibly can. That means we use the finest materials, most modern equipment, and the best infection control techniques, and we constantly take continuing education courses to stay up to date. This all is a part of giving you the best treatment possible.”

Besides this, there are lot of overheads in running a quality dental office- equiments, insurance, high quality laboratory, best material and so on. We feel the quality of the treatment we provide and the way we care for all of our patient is reflected in our fees. After all, we are treating your teeth, your smile, your body- its an investment in yourself that will last a lifetime.

Would you choose a cardialogist based on price !!!
Is chewing tobbaco harmful for my teeth?
Yes. Chewing tobbaco is not only harmful for your teeth but also for your whole body. Tobbaco whether in smokeless form like Gutka, Pan Masala, Zarda etc or in smoked form like Bidis, Cigarettes, Hooka or Cigar is the biggest cause of the cancer in the world.
Is cleaning of teeth harmful for me?
No. Rather cleaning of teeth saves your teeth, your interdental bone and your gums.
What is the right age for a child to vist a dentist?
As soon as the first tooth comes in the mouth.
What is the right age for the orthodontic treatment?
As soon as you feel the child is continuing the oral habits like mouth breathing, tongue thursting, thumb/finger sucking and nail biting, you should report to your dentist.

The presence of oral habits is common in toddlers and young children. Usually the habits will surface sometime between the age of 2 and 6 years of age. The identification of such habits and assessment of immediate and long-term effects on the teeth and orofacial development should be made as early as possible.
What should be the frequency of regular dental checkups?
Every Six months.
Does extraction of upper teeth affect the eyes?
Will cleaning of teeth make them loose?
No. Rather if you will not go for cleaning, your teeth will become loose because the bone supporting your teeth resorbs with the acid secreted by the deposits (Calculus) around the teeth.